Regional Administration

Every SDC Region has its own Regional Executive Council which is chosen every five years during the Regional Chapter. First the delegates chose their Regional Superior and the Assistant Regional Superior. Not all Regions have the same number of the REC Members, for these have to reflect the global number of Members within a Region. The number of REC Members is decided by the Delegates during the Regional Chapter.

The Regional Executive Council is chaired by the Regional Superior. He is also helped by his private council that consists of his elected Assistant and the Regional Secretary.

The Rule of Life stipulates that every Region has to have a number of offices that oversee the work and ministry within the Region. Among these one finds the office responsible for providing material that the SDC members study during their daily assignment; the faith formation programmes held for the post Confirmation groups; the catechetical and faith formation courses that the SDC offers to the general public; the retreats and the general spiritual formation for the SDC members; the formation programme designed specifically for those youth who are interested to discern their vocation within the SDC, and an office that looks after the finances of the SDC.

In Malta, the Region also has the responsibility to look after the administration of a number of entities such as: a Secondary School; a Printing Press; a Bookshop; an old people's residence that caters only for SDC male members who opt to reside there, and a recreational centre which is situated by the sea-side.