Centre for Preca Studies

The Centre for Preca Studies was inaugurated on the 16th of May 2007 as part of the activities commemorating the centenary of the Society and the canonization of Saint George Preca.

It aims at making the life and writings of St George Preca better known among the SDC members and the general public. For this purpose it edits and publishes, through Preca Publications, new editions of the writings of St George Preca. Twice a year, it also publishes Dun Ġorġ, a review about the life and works of St George Preca.

From time to time, the Centre organizes conferences and seminars, where interested parties meet to discuss, study and reflect on themes from the vast corpus of writings of St George Preca. It also offers consultancy to university students and other scholars carrying out research work on St George Preca.

The Centre is housed at the Society’s Central House at Blata l-Bajda and comprises a conference hall with a capacity of fifty persons and an archived collection of manuscripts and published works of St George Preca.