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The Society has always published works of a religious nature, mainly but not only, in the Maltese language. The Society has its own printing press, Veritas Press, which also specialises in the printing of religious works. The Society has been in the forefront to encourage the use of the Bible and from the very beginning the Members were encouraged to read and study the Bible regularly, whether individually or communally. The Society also published a Maltese version of the Bible which did not exist at the time of the beginning of the Society. The Society gave its encouragement to the late biblical scholar, Mgr Prof PP Saydon [1895-1971] in translating the Bible entirelty from the original language into Maltese. In recognition of the assistance given, Prof Saydon left the copyright and his manuscript to the Society. Since his death, the Society has printed a number of editions of this Bible which include both a fine library edition and a pocket size edition for more general use.

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